Cold Room


We install cold rooms, in any dimensions, for all types of commercial and domestic premises.

coldroom installation london


  • British and European standard products, much better value as a result, coming with a three year warranty.
  • UK standard food hygiene panels, PIR fire ratings, compliance with LPBC regulations.
  • All cold rooms available with 80mm polyurethane food safe panels
  • Panel sizes from 50-120mm industry standards suitable for different applications.
  • PVC metal laminated Food safe inside out panels that last 30 years.
  • Heated doors in order for the doors not to freeze to the body(on freezer application).
  • Low voltage heater for more safety and energy savings.
  • Antibacterial and antifungal silicons, important for the food industry.
  • Heated freezer floor mats in order for the floor not to crack over time.
  • Reinforce concrete option, and optional rams for forklift use.
  • PRV standard to keep the pressure equalized inside and out for the doors to open and close easily. A safety feature to avoid collapsing ceilings.
cold-room installation london

Refrigeration Condensing unit

  1. J&E Hall condensing unit
  2. Danfoss condensing unit
  3. Tecumseh L’Unite Hermetique condensing unit
  4. Embraco Condensing unit
  5. Maxkold Rotary condensing unit

We can provide low noise condensing units, air cooled standards, and water cooled condensing units (to avoid overheating), if needed.

coldrooms installation london

Evaporator Type

  • Panel Evaporators (vertical & horizontal)
  • Dual Discharge Evaporator
  • Cubic Evaporators

We can provide coated evaporators (upon customer request) in High-quality coatings which protect the coils from gathering airborne particles and can build up on unprotected coils, resulting in blocked airflow and reduced efficiency. Coated coils resist this buildup and keep your unit running at peak efficiency. You will save energy and, therefore, lower your energy bills.

Industry types

  • Mortuaries
  • GPs
  • Hospitalities
  • Factories
  • Processing plants
  • Nurseries restaurants hotels
  • Bars & clubs
  • Pubs
  • Photography industries

Why us

  • No hourly rates!
  • Free site visit, survey, consultation and advice.
  • No middle man! We import cold room panels ourselves.
  • Doors and frames are manufactured by ourselves to exact size.
  • We are a family business and we care for all the jobs, no matter how large or small.
  • Three years warranty on parts, one year warranty on labour.
  • All jobs carried out by our Cold Room installation team with over 25 years experience.

How it works

  • Call us on 07745 60 40 90.
  • Send us a short video or a drawing on WhatsApp and get a basic quotation based on your measurements.
  • Get an accurate quotation upon site visit.


  • 1.5x1.5 meter Cold room fridge from £3900.00+VAT.
  • 1.5x1.5 meter freezer room from £4500.00+VAT.
  • 2x2 meter Cold room fridge from £4200.00+VAT.
  • 2x2 meter freezer room from £4700.00+VAT.